What is Scalapay installment payment?

Scalapay allows you to buy in 3 convenient installments, of the same amount, without interest, and to receive your order immediately.

  • 1 installment: charged at the time of purchase. Your order is shipped.
  • 2 installment: 4 weeks from the date of purchase
  • 3rd and last installment: 8 weeks from the date of purchase

The service has no additional costs if the installments are paid by the due date. Furthermore, at the time of purchase you do not necessarily have to have the total amount of the order available, you just need to have only the amount of the first installment available.

How does the Scalapay payment in installments work?


Choose Scalapay at checkout and continue with the purchase


You will be redirected to the Scalapay registration page. Registering is fast, you need to create an account and insert a valid Visa, Mastercard or Amex card


Once registration is complete, your order is confirmed. You are only charged for the first installment and your order is shipped right away.

From the moment you make a purchase by selecting the Scalapay payment method, you have 20 minutes to be able to register on Scalapay and confirm your purchase. In the absence of payment, your order will be automatically canceled.

If you accidentally close the check-out page before completing the registration on Scalapay, you can always complete the registration via the email you received.

Remember that you have 20 minutes to register on Scalapay and confirm the order.


If you buy with Scalapay you will receive your order immediately and pay in 3 installments. You acknowledge that the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV S.r.l., to related parties and their assignees, and that you authorize this transfer.

Happy Shopping!